The 12th Social Service Conference for the year 2021 - Sharjah Events
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The 12th Social Service Conference for the year 2021

This year, the twelfth conference will be held under the slogan “Crisis Management in Social Work”, where the importance of the current conference is based on the growing role of social work institutions during crises in effectively contributing to confronting the problems and risks facing society in terms of its survival, stability and security, as these institutions are considered One of the pillars of protection that bears a major role of responsibility alongside other institutions in order to support the state in facing crises

There is no doubt that crises affect all groups of society, making it imperative for social work institutions to develop scenarios to confront those crises in order to preserve society. During the recent crisis that swept the entire world, many social institutions assumed their responsibilities, while others faced challenges and stumbling blocks that did not enable them to deal with the crisis in the desired manner, which should shed light on the tools and requirements for managing the crisis and improving the performance of social work institutions.

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