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Music Performance Mohammed El Amin


Mohamed El Amin was born on February 20, 1945, in Sudan, where he studied elementary education at Wad Madani Eastern Elementary School in Al Jazirah State. His passion for music and singing strengthened his relationship with the Blue Nile musical band leading him to study musical notation with the musician Mohammad Adam Al-Mansoori.

Mohamed El Amin participated in many music festivals in the Arab world, Europe, and the United States of America, in particular, Algeria’s First Cultural Festival, the World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow, Arts and Music Festival in the Netherlands, and many other festivals in Germany. He also participated in the festival of The Capital of Arab Culture both in Qatar in 2010, and in Manama in 2014.

He played in China in the company of Chinese musicians, a performance that was broadcasted on Chinese television. Mohamed El Amin received many music awards and honours, in particular, the Medal of Literature and Arts from the Presidency of the Republic, an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Niles in 2010, the Medal of Merit in the anniversary of Sudan’s independence in 2014, the European Union Medal in 2016, and many other honours and decorations inside and outside Sudan.

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  • 27 Feb 2024 - 03 Mar 2024

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