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Painting to Music Timings: 5:00 pm–6:00 pm In this workshop, participants will paint while they listen to the beats and harmonies of a variety of music. Inspired by their emotional responses to the music, participants will collaboratively paint a number of...
01 Jan 2020
Enjoy a virtual tour to the “Museum Collection: Modern and Contemporary Arab Art” Exhibition A captivating collection of modern and contemporary Arab art. The collection includes paintings and sculptures by renowned artists in the Middle East: , including Abdulqader Al...
12 Oct 2020
Calligrapher Taj Alsir Hasan will discuss the challenges that calligraphers are facing during the Covid-19 period and how they can display their works to the public in the midst of this panademic.
03 Jan 2020
The Fairytales Come True: Worlds From the Imagination of Hans Christian Andersen is an interactive and experiential celebration of the writer’s life and work. It is organized by the UAE Board on Books for Young People (UAEBBY) in partnership with...
31 Oct 2020
In the beginning, each senior guide will prepare her coffee cup, print 3 copies of the attached painting, and choose her favorite type of colors to be used in the workshop. Maitha will start the workshop by discussing the art...
11 Aug 2020
The humble incense stick can be a source of great images if you follow some simple rules around lighting. This session will get you familiar with the techniques and show you how to create beautiful, ethereal pictures. These fun and...
28 Jul 2020
The world of macro photography can be fascinating and intriguing but it is also a challenge to do well. This workshop will look at lenses, lighting and techniques for getting great pictures of flowers at home. These fun and exciting...
04 Aug 2020
Do you want to create otherworldly images in the comfort of your own home? Capturing soap bubbles gives the impression of looking into other galaxies. It’s an easy technique to master but the continual change of the bubbles means it...
21 Jul 2020
Photography is not about pointing the camera and pressing a button. It is also about arranging the components of your scene to give balance and flow to the image, to drive the way a viewer looks at the pictures. In...
14 Jul 2020
Light is the basis of all photography. If you’re not seeing light and don’t now how to record the right amount of it, you’ll always be struggling. This workshop will teach you how to see and record light to make...
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