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10 Oct 2020
Girl Guides worldwide have been celebrating the International Day of the Girl every year since the United Nations declared it in 2012. Sharjah girl guides will raise the girls’ voices in “My Voice, Our Equal Future” workshop and guide the...
05 Oct 2020
Soar above the clouds and learn about Hanno, the first plane to touch down in Al Mahatta in 1932. Get inspired by the aviation world and create your own plane.   Required materials: • Wood sticks • Scissor • Liquid...
26 Sep 2020
The Sharjah International Fair for the Narrator is a beautiful and fascinating journey that started from Sharjah on the 27th of September 2001 and was within its scope and within its environment and surroundings before it included its vast sea...
14 Sep 2020
The workshop mainly highlights the Emirati culture as it will show how to instill Emirati traditions among girls of different nationalities in a fun and entertaining way. This interactive video covers some of the diverse cultures living harmoniously with the...
21 May 2020
A training session that discusses the common hazards present in kitchens and how to control them. Introduction to health and safety definitions,Hazards present in kitchen, Control measures to be followed, Emergency response.
13 Apr 2020
We all have so much free time that we can invest in reading as many books as we can. The participants can challenge themselves to gain as much chains to complete the reading chain challenge With the help of their...
20 Apr 2020
“Best Humanitarian Action” is a contest under our volunteering initiative “Spread Happiness”. We will launch a contest to give the opportunity for the participants to present a “humanitarian project” based on their experiences in community work during their affiliation with...
11 May 2020
Common misconceptions of Ramadan fasting with His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al Kamali. and His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al Hamadi.
17 May 2020
The UAE’s humanitarian drive with Dr. Hamdan Musallam Al Mazrouei Chairman at Emirates Red Crescent and Fahad Butti Al Muhairi
Director of the Support Services Department at National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority.
05 May 2020
Journalism in times of crisis with Media figure Khaled Al-Zadjali and Media figure Lamis ElHadidy.
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