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While the Covid-19 pandemic has posed challenges, it has equally opened the door for exceptional opportunities in education. New approaches as well as methodologies have been introduced in instructional delivery, teaching & learning that have the potential to transform education through updating curriculum with program results that focus on employment readiness and enhancing abilities which are crucial for the ever-evolving job market. Also, technology utilization beyond traditional trends proved to be effective in improving the quality of education and achieving the expected program outcomes and purposes. Educational theorists unanimously agree that post Covid-19 will require the revising of the existing program curriculum including course design and delivery, instructional methodologies as well as assessment. The Sharjah International Conference on education post Covid-19 will bring together the world’s leading academics, scholars, and researchers in a very interesting hybrid setting to tackle the challenges that have been encountered during the past 18 months and discuss the readiness of academic institutions for education post Covid-19. The University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates expresses and conveys its readiness and commitment to providing a healthy, clear atmosphere that provides scholars, researchers, representatives from educational institutions as well as a research center, a relaxing healthy environment to discuss and exchange ideas and share experiences and research findings. In addition to the academic and scholarly activities, the Sharjah International conference on education post Covid-19 will host a variety of cultural events, social activities and will organize tours for historical tourist attractions in the United Arab Emirates.

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  • 30 May 2024 - 02 Jun 2024
  • 26 Sep 2024 - 29 Sep 2024

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