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Wadi AlHelo Run

An annual sports event in running sports aimed at encouraging exercise, and it is held in the Wadi Al-Helou area in the city of Kalba. The race includes distances of 10 km and starts at 6:15 in the morning and 5 km and starts at 6:20 and a 1.5 km race and starts at 6: 25 a.m. The coronation ceremonies begin at 7:30, and the event is organized with the participation of different age groups of citizens, men and women, and the open age group, men and women, with the first places being honored, while each participant receives a medal at the finish line and a certificate of participation. The event targets the participation of 200 from both Genders

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  • 01 Jul 2024 - 01 Aug 2024
  • 13 Sep 2024 - 15 Sep 2024
  • 09 Nov 2024 - 16 Nov 2024

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