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Sharjah’s Top 10 Attractions
Mleiha Desert The Mleiha Desert offers more than you can imagine! Go on an epic 4x4 adventures. Explore spectacular landscapes and vistas. Step back in time with ancient Bedouin sites.
Chedi Al Bait History meets luxury at Chedi Al Bait! Five historical buildings redeveloped into a luxurious 5-star resort. Come enjoy a totally unique experience. See ancient culture with a modern twist
Al Noor Island Looking for a fun-filled day for the whole family? Head to the magic of Al Noor Island. Be enchanted by the Butterfly House. Lose yourself in the art. Relax in nature or see the island light up at night.
Khorfakkan Beach Are endless watersports and beautiful views your thing? Then the stunning Khorfakkan Beach is your playground. Fish, dive, parasail, kayaking or simply enjoy the warm waters with the kids.
Wadi Shis Get off the beaten track with this hidden Sharjah gem. Enjoy Wadi Shis’ dramatic landscape – perfect for hikes and mountain biking. Get away from the hustle and bustle.
The Flag Island Check out the 7th tallest flagpole in the world at The Flag Island. A great place to enjoy family brunches, national celebrations and world-class design. Keep your fun flag flying!
The Central Souk Love to bargain? Then this beautiful hidden gem is for you. Over 600 shops selling everything from gold and perfumes to souvenirs and electronics.
Al Qurm Nature Reserve Escape to the greener side of Sharjah. Enjoy 500 hectares of protected mangroves filled with wildlife, kayaking, paddle boarding, birdwatching and so much more.
King Faisal Mosque One of Sharjah's most iconic landmarks, this famous mosque can accommodate 16,670 worshippers and houses a library with over 7,000 books about Islamic history, culture and teachings.
Al Khan District Along with its natural beauty and sparkling waters, Al Kahn also offer you a chance to enjoy the manta rays at the Sharjah Aquarium and traditional wooden dhow boats at the Sharjah Maritime Museum.
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