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Coffee Bazaar

Sharjah Heritage Museum proudly presents the cultural, entertainment, and artistic bazaar. This event that is launched for the first time, highlights the importance of coffee, in the Emirati community and in the Arabic and international cultures, in addition to strengthening the cultural bonds and supporting local and international economies. A variety of activities will be held in conjunction with the event. The first activity is a four-day panel discussion featuring coffee experts who discuss the importance of coffee, its history and preparation methods. The second activity is a barista-led latte art class. In addition, food trucks will be available to serve a variety of coffee drinks. People will be educated on the benefits and drawbacks of coffee in a special health corner

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  • 28 Jun 2024 - 30 Jun 2024
  • 07 Jun 2024 - 09 Jun 2024
  • 30 May 2024 - 02 Jun 2024

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