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Kalba Half Marathon

The “Kalba Half Marathon – Sharjah” event will be held on Friday 29th of this month at Kalba Lake as part of a series of sporting events for the current season, targeting the goals of “1000” participants of both sexes in different age groups and registration is via the link here.

The numbers are given to the participants from 24 to the current distribution, and are distinguished across four categories according to their distances, where the first race (half marathon) starts from 6:30 in the morning until 21.1 km, and minutes later the second starts for a distance of 10 km, then the third starts at 6.45 in the morning For a distance of 5 km, while the fourth race for 2.5 km begins at 6.50 in the morning, the winners of the gold, silver and bronze medals in the different categories will be crowned at half past seven in the morning, then the champions of the main race at eight thirty in the morning.

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  • 07 Jan 2024 - 10 Mar 2024

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