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Kalba Lake

Two kilometres from the city lies the Kalba Lake, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in this charming city, the lake is located in the heart of Kalba, to become an important pillar that reflects the magic of nature, where families meet at the weekend and holidays to spend the fun times.

The lake is a picturesque overlapping with Al Qarm Reserve to form an artistic tableau combining the blue water and the green Al Qarm trees and mangroves in the reserve. In addition to this overlap, which has enhanced the aesthetics of the lake, its location close to the densely populated centre busy with government institutions and commercial destinations, naturally raises visitors’ demand to see it.
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    Sharjah, Kalba City
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29 Oct 2021
The “Kalba Half Marathon – Sharjah” event will be held on Friday 29th of this month at Kalba Lake as part of a series of sporting events for the current season, targeting the goals of “1000” participants of both sexes...