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Ramadan Lamma

This Ramadan edition “Lamma” at the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization aims to celebrate the spirit and values of Ramadan through a rich tapestry of educational, cultural, and entertaining activities.

This event invites families to immerse themselves in a variety of cultures and practices observed during Ramadan, offering an enlightening experience for attendees of all ages. Aligned with the third-semester school break, it aims to offer families educational and entertaining experiences with their children, shedding light on diverse Ramadan rituals across multiple cultures.

With entry to the museum being free throughout Ramadan, visitors can explore the profound essence of Islamic culture and its enduring influence on human civilization through cultural games that appeal to all family members in spacious seating areas.

Children aged 6 to 12 are in for a treat with workshops that are both enjoyable and educational. These include creating Ramadan-themed decorations and lanterns, crafting prayer beads, learning the Art of Islamic Wrapping, and designing charity boxes to inspire kindness and generosity.

Scheduled from 9:00 PM to midnight, these workshops allow for an engaging and immersive experience.

Adding to the festive mood, a selection of restaurants will be on-site, offering delicious food options that further enhance the communal and celebratory spirit of Ramadan, promoting connections among family members from various cultural backgrounds.

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Family & Entertainment

  • 15 Jul 2024 - 25 Jul 2024
  • 08 Jul 2024 - 10 Jul 2024

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