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Sharjah Heritage Days

continued bearing meaningful and symbolic slogans for the next editions, as the seventh was “By Heritage We Promote”, the eighth was “Our Heritage is Amana”, the ninth was “From Heritage We Sip”, the tenth was “A Decade of Heritage,” and the eleventh was, “Folklore is the Pillar of Heritage”. The twelfth was “The Islamic Heritage is One Tent,” the thirteenth was “Our Heritage is the Source of Originality,” the fourteenth was “By Heritage We Preserve Nature,” the fifteenth was, “Heritage a Building & a Meaning”, the sixtheenth was “By Tradition We Excel”, and the seventeenth was, “A Crafts and A Letter”. The Sharjah Heritage Days through these editions made remarkable success in the arena of Emirati heritage and culture. It has become a an event that reflects in its components the importance of Sharjah and its pioneering cultural and civilizational role in highlighting a vivid and vibrant image of the Emirati folklore in all its forms. Moreover, it embodied the unique national identity of the UAE and the uniqueness of its generous people. In addition, it reflected the Sharjah’s efforts to embrace the world’s heritage and dialogue with other cultures through the countries that participated in each edition from around the world.

Timings: 4:00 to 10:00pm during the week – from 4:00 to 11:00pm weekend

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