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Sharjah City Municipality

Founded in 1927, Sharjah city municipality (SM) is one of the oldest municipalities in the UAE. However, the modern system of the municipality as a multiple-service providing body was initiated in 1971 when a decree was issued to define its domain of activities and grant it with powers to carry out the necessary supervision over all public utilities and public services provided to citizens.

The decree gave SM a strong start to work towards a civilized and well-developed emirate on the economic and social levels.

The municipality is a civic body through which services and utilities of the emirate’s modern society are intervened. Therefore, the role and activities of the municipality cannot be fully detailed in this short expose.

SM executes many public projects in the emirate of Sharjah every year, and it has a great role in boosting the economy, society, public health, environment and many other fields in the emirate.

Since its foundation, SM has gone through multiple stages and witnessed rapid growth of its occupational and organizational structures, headquarters, balance sheets and responsibilities.

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