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1st Sharjah International Virtual Conference on Drug Control & Rehabilitation of Addicts: Practical Experiences and Scientific Approaches

The conferene provides awarness towards drug use and rehabilitaton. In adittion to focusing on a central question of : What are the pitfalls of confronting this dilemma?What are the challenges that countries face in curbing their spread and aggravation? Why do a large number of drug addicts who have been rehabilitated return to drug addiction again? These questions direct the attention to the practices that countries are actually taking in order to confront the scourge of drugs and the procedures that are followed in combating it, 

The problem of drug proliferation, trafficking, promotion and abuse is one of the most dangerous dilemmas for the human community, as it has destructive economic, political and cultural effects on the social structure. The international community has responded to this drug-related activities (cultivation, trade and promotion) and reinforce to confront and prevent them. Each country has established special anti-drug agencies and has been constantly keen to enabling them to work to resolve this dilemma as much as possible.

In addition, specialized centers have been established for the rehabilitation of abuse victims and their reintegration into society.

However, the drug trade is still flourishing, and trafficking in drugs at all national, regional and international levels persists, and generates huge profits for the trading gangs and the networks that operate

to promote it. Despite the variations in global figures on drug addiction and differences about their accuracy and reliability, the figures released by the United Nations Office for Drug and Crime Control for 2018 indicate that about 275 million people used drugs at least once around the world in 2016, and that 450 thousand people died as a result of drug abuse, and that 31 million people need treatment. The same report for the year 2016 confirmed that the number of addicts increased from 27 million in 2014 to 29 million, and there are 200 million people between (10-64) years old who use drugs daily, and the ratio of seized quantities of smuggled heroin, for example, does not equal 10% and 30% of cocaine, and the proportion of drug trade in world trade is 8-10%.

From this standpoint, reconsidering and evaluating and experiences is one of the important approaches in enhancing the strength of confrontation, whether it is related to drug control or the rehabilitation of addicts and their reintegration into society, especially when experiences meet and interact in a common context that consecrates their exchange and re-evaluates them.

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  • 10 Aug 2024 - 17 Aug 2024
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