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What is an Online Event?

Online events, also known as virtual events, are just that: Events with a specific date, time, and agenda but which take place in a virtual space rather than a physical one.

Virtual events typically offer both live and on-demand presentations and, in some cases, give people the opportunity to interact in a web-based environment.

  • Webinar: A single online session which can take the form of a speaker presentation, panel, etc.
  • Online Event (a.k.a. Virtual Event): A series of online sessions, which may or may not include interactive elements (such as audience Q&A).
  • Online Conference or Virtual Summit: A more extensive virtual event that mimics many of the qualities of an in-person event, including networking opportunities, virtual booths, and more.
Events of the Venue
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30 Oct 2021
It is a book club for young readers. At the beginning of each month, a reading box will be sent that includes a fun book and entertaining gifts, and at the end of each month, we meet to discuss the...
01 Oct 2021  -  31 Oct 2021
You will join a remote sports program that includes a set of exercises for 45 minutes, in addition to educational sports lectures that help build a healthy and sporty lifestyle. Registration link Here. Event timings: Every day in October –...
13 Oct 2021
A workshop implemented remotely and in cooperation with the National Center of Meteorology, the program aims to educate participants about the concept of natural disasters or the most important ways, means and procedures that the competent authorities can take to...