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Book Club Workshop: Writing Creative Non-Fiction

With so many forms of creative nonfiction— memoir, personal essay, feature articles, profiles, reviews, manifesto, ethnography, and travel writing, this workshops first focuses on what is creative non-fiction and possible strategies to create your own piece of creative non-fiction. The finesse, the poetry, and narrative are nevertheless included. The focus of this workshop will be on humans and their relationships to environments and natures. The plurality of this terms opens us up to many subjects. While we will connect to the work of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, this workshop will be open to literatures in many languages mainly Arabic and English. The goal of the workshop is to produce one piece of revised writing. There is a possibility of sharing at House of Wisdom, but this is not mandatory.

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  • 28 Mar 2024 - 31 Mar 2024
  • 21 Mar 2024 - 10 Apr 2024

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