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Sharjah Calligraphy Museum


This museum showcases fascinating masterpieces and creative paintings by local and international artists and calligraphers. It also hosts exhibitions on a regular basis, aiming to instil the love of Arabic calligraphy in every visitor, to preserve the cultural heritage, to introduce the visitors to the Arab artists’ marvellous artworks and to set new standards both locally and internationally.

The artworks displayed, highlight the masterly talents of local and international artists and calligraphers; their paintings, meticulously created, carry a deep meaning and a valuable historical background. This museum, with all its spectacular calligraphic artworks, gives you a boost of positive energy that will brighten up your day.

Venue Details
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    Theater for the Performing Arts, Heritage Area, Sharjah, UAE
Events of the Venue
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04 Nov 2019  -  07 Mar 2020
Panahi’s work reflects the combination of traditional and contemporary art in a carefully balanced equilibrium. It is a reflection of his rich background, eastern and western regard with a strong musical presence. Drawing inspiration from the Persian millenary poetic heritage,...