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Sharjah Youth Centre

Sharjah Youth is a youth-centered organization that focuses on creativity, innovation and early identification of talents from ages 13 to 18. It provides an environment to them where they can practice their hobbies and further develop their skills.

The organization guides youth toward purposeful investment of their energy, by providing the support they need within an attractive environment where they can practice their hobbies and learn new skills.

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Working Hours
  • Weekdays
    08:00 am to 03:00 pm
Events of the Venue
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12 Sep 2021  -  09 Oct 2021
The participants will learn more about the film secrets ,cinema and its basic concepts, which include screenwriting, photography, editing, lighting techniques, and directing. Registration link Here.
21 Oct 2021  -  24 Oct 2021
A group of workshops in all theater disciplines, accompanied by specialized academic trainers, where we work on developing theatrical talents of young people. The program aims to develop the sensory, cognitive, kinesthetic and linguistic skills of young people. Visually, through...